Smoothies & Shakes

Indulgent, delicious and healthy. Vegan options available


Cocokale £4.95

Coconut yogurt, coconut milk, kale, banana, blueberry, ginger, mint and honey

Acai wonder £4.95

Almond milk, açai berry, blueberry, banana, strawberry and honey

Banaberry £3.95

Almond milk, banana, flax seed and strawberry

Green Go £3.95

Apple, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, kale and banana

Mangonut £4.95

Lime, mango, coconut milk, cinnamon, flax seed, avocado and honey

Hearty Fruit and Oat £4.95

Raspberry, strawberry, banana, pistachio, coconut milk, oats and maple syrup

Berrytastic £4.95

Strawberries, raspberies, blueberries, almond milk and honey

Green Ginger-Peach £4.95

Spinach, peach, ginger, tumeric, honey and coconut water


Strawberry £3.95

Vegan ice cream, strawberries, strawberry syrup, almond milk and vegan whipped cream

Butterscotch & Banana £3.95

Vegan ice cream, honey, almond milk, butterscotch sauce, banana and vegan whipped cream

Chocolate Orange £3.95

Vanilla ice cream, cacoa powder, milk, orange syrup, chocolate and whipped cream

White Chocolate and Raspbery £4.95

Vanilla ice cream, raspberries, milk, white chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Mocha £4.95

Vegan ice cream, dark chocolate syrup, cacao powder, espresso, almond milk and vegan whipped cream

Cranachan £4.95

Vegan ice cream, honey, almond milk, toasted oats, raspberries and vegan whipped cream

Scottish Strawberry Shortcake £4.95

Vanilla ice cream, Hazelnut syrup, mini shortbreads, milk, strawberries, whipped cream and marshmallows

Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer £4.95

Vanilla ice cream, caramel wafers, milk and caramel sauce